221 Allan Street

This property has been sold

The site is approximately 0.9 ha in size. Located in a mature, low-density residential area of Old Oakville, the site is bordered by detached dwellings to the north, south and east. The site consists of seven individual building lots which are designated LOW DENSITY RESIDENTIAL RL3-0 (detached dwellings) and a former school building which is zoned MEDIUM DENSITY RESIDENTIAL (RM4) under Zoning By-law 2017-113.

Town Council's approved concept for the site envisions:

  1. the conversion of the front (oldest) portion of the former school building for four to nine condominium residential units on + 0.31 ha portion of the site, adjacent to Allan Street. The site contains a vacant two storey school building and paved parking. The building is approximately 26,200 square feet in size and was constructed in 1920, with subsequent additions.
  2. the development of seven lots (each having a frontage of 15 metres/49 feet.) for single detached dwellings on + 0.44 hectares of the site, fronting onto Douglas Avenue. All dwellings constructed shall be consistent with those already existing to the north and east of the site on Douglas Avenue.
  3. the creation of a separate park block (+ 0.15 hectares in size) at the corner of Douglas Avenue and Palmer Avenue. The Town of Oakville will retain ownership of the park block and the existing playground and will be responsible for both its redevelopment and the relocation of all existing playground equipment.

In the redevelopment of the site, the town seeks to maintain, protect and enhance the character of the existing mature residential neighborhood, including the Trafalgar Road Heritage Conservation District. The front (nine-room) portion of the building facing Allan Street is designated under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act, as part of the Trafalgar Road Heritage Conservation District. The entire site is listed but not designated on the town’s Register of Properties of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest. Recognition of the existing heritage protection and heritage policies of the Livable Oakville Plan are essential elements of any redevelopment. 

The property is now sold.

Reference Plan for 221 Allan Street (pdf)